Ode to the humble hardware store


Did you ever try to make an emergency run into a mega home store? Lowes, B&Q, Home Depot, Wickes,... If you haven’t memorized all 24 or 30 isles, you might get out in 20 or 30 minutes, which ignores parking time.

Then, you have that other problem, does anybody know anything? Absolutely, I have met amazing knowledgeable team members in the giant stores. I have also met the “can’t be bothered” “new here” and “wotz that” folks as well.

Then yesterday, zipped into the local family owned hardware store. Mom, daughter and son present. Multilingual — I’m in Malaysia. Friendly.

“I need to clear a drain.”

“Follow me.”

Two choices. “This one might stain your sink.” “This one won’t.”

And, I was done. I am so elated that I just had to share.