Hi, I’m Abdulkader

Abdulkader Thomas
2 min readNov 6, 2021


I’m a traveller.

Just another apple pie,… a story to be told.

I write. I write for different audiences. Professionally, I write about finance. Recently, I returned to academia where I write about the intersection of finance and law.

I read. I am a voracious reader. I enjoy writing about what I read. I often share this on Medium. My reading is wide spectrum. But, history is always a favorite.

Once I was convinced to buy a small library of so-called classics. Some of them I let languish on my bookshelves for years. Staying at home through COVID, I began to read them. And, I made a connection.

Some classics are such because of their story-telling like Homer’s or Gilgamesh. Some because of their language, emotive quality. Think of the works of Shakespeare or Hugo. Some uncover great wrongs as in Dickens or Sinclair. We can go on. And, I will betray my western upbringing as we do.

Others are made classics for political purposes. Spencer, Belloc, Maine, Burckhardt, Renan,… These writers found there way into my library. And, I read through them during the Pandemic. I have been writing about their connections to current events. How important contemporary figures from Bezos and Musk to Trump have revived the Social Darwinism of these 19th century “classics”. And, so, a sliver of my writing turns on discussing this. I am nearing the end of this writing project.

Next up: the most dangerous man in America will be a new project in which I analyze the Law and Economics school and how it is perverting justice. At its root is a highly respected, retired judge.

I have lived in eight countries: the US, UK, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Greece, France and Malaysia. Legally in seven. But, I have spent so much time in one that I feel I must have surely lived there. It’s been a while, but I have often enjoyed travel writing.

I am looking forward to joining everyone for a real or a virtual coffee.