• Live Sma

    Live Sma

    Blogger at Meriweb.net

  • Tatiana Androsov

    Tatiana Androsov

    A novelist on the sea of life coming, cresting and breaking having traveled near & far from a post WWII immigrant childhood to a UN world of poverty and riches.

  • Navigating Culture

    Navigating Culture

    Helping 1st & 2nd-gen migrants struggling to navigate 2 cultures learn to self-validate, remove self-doubt & achieve The(ir) Dream: smart.bio/navigatingculture

  • Joshua Gane

    Joshua Gane

    Josh writes for RapTV. He has a BA in philosophy from UNC and a MA in English from NC State.

  • B.R. Shenoy

    B.R. Shenoy

    Wife/Mom of 2/ Chemical Toxicology, M.S./ Top writer in photography/Writes about nature, poetry, writing, parenting, food, science, and technology.

  • Chris Duarte

    Chris Duarte

    Usually writing about Personal Development through life experiences and documenting my writing journey.

  • IvyLeagueHustler


    Mum to be, Daughter, Wife, New Immigrant, Serial Entrepreneur for online businesses, Now you can hire my team through https://www.fiverr.com/kcmd2018

  • Rik Coeckelbergs

    Rik Coeckelbergs

    Independent advisor and opinion maker in banking and payments. Like my opinion, why not support it? https://rik-coeckelbergs.medium.com/membership

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